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Jimmy Neesham gave a perfect reply after he was abused in Hindi
By Sandy - Aug 12, 2018 1:04 pm
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New Zealand cricketer James Neesham, also known as Jimmy Neesham, is very famous cricketer on Twitter. Recently, one Twitter user abused him in Hindi and the Kiwi cricketer replied to him in the perfect way.

James Neesham

Recently, the Kiwi all-rounder had a Q & A session on Twitter. A user abused him in Hindi and expecting to not get caught by the Kiwi cricketer. But, the 27-year-old gave him a perfect reply as that abusive tweet was deleted later.

In the reply of that abusive tweet, Neesham brought his Indian Premier League (IPL) relation and posted, “Do you guys seriously think we play 2 months of IPL and don’t learn any of the language.”

The Kiwi cricketer has featured in IPL in only one season and that was in 2014. Playing for Delhi Daredevils in that season, Neesham appeared in only four matches where he scored a total of 42 runs and managed to pick up the only wicket.

After making an international cricket debut in 2012, Neesham has played 12 Tests, 41 ODIs and 15 T20Is for New Zealand. The left-handed batsman has scored 1,642 runs in overall (709 in Tests, 811 in ODIs and 122 in T20Is) and also has taken a total of 59 wickets (14 in Tests, 34 in ODIs and 11 in T20Is). His last international cricket stint was the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy in England.

However, he had some fun in that Q & A session. Some of those are as follows:

One user asked, “what do you like most about INDIA?”

Neesham replied, “Seriously? I love that no matter where you are you can always turn around and see someone smiling”


Another user asked him, “what questions do you hate to answer?”

Neesham posted, “Any on Twitter”


Another one asked, “Would you answer a rhetorical question?”

Neesham replied, “Would anyone?”


Another one posted, “Btw You look more handsome than Chris Pratt. Indian Girls are crazy about you.”

Neesham enjoyed that and posted by tagging Chris Pratt, “Ha ha take that @prattprattpratt”