Jofra Archer recalls ‘dark days’ Ahead Of IPL Auction
By CricShotsStaff - May 13, 2020 6:22 pm
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On Tuesday, England bowler Jofra Archer opened up about his struggles with the injury.  The English international spoke about it during a podcast for Rajasthan Royals. Archer spoke on his injury-riddled teenage years terming them as “dark times”.  The 25-year-old also shared how he feared that injuries will dampen his progress as a cricketer.

Jofra Archer

“It felt like I was missing out on my golden years. The doctor told me if he didn’t see improvement, he couldn’t even see me playing club cricket. You’re young and you want to play, you have got to make the most of your youth because before you know it, you’re 20, 21 or even 25. And then a lot of people don’t take chances on guys who are a little bit older. Those were dark times to be honest, I spent two years out of cricket,” Archer said.

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Archer, who is nursing a from a long term injury is absent from the field. Luckily, the England international isn’t missing any action as the whole world is under lockdown amid the spread of Corona Virus.

Jofra Archer
Jofra Archer

Fearing missing cricket, Archer also recalled how he feared to not playing a single match in IPL 2018. He recalled the time his name came up in the IPL player daft with excitement and enthusiasm.  Archer said,  “I was obviously excited! I had just got off the field two or three hours earlier, we  had a game in Melbourne and had just beaten the Stars.”

He added, “When I saw the bidding start a few teams were going at it, and I was thinking ‘wow I’m actually going to get to go to India for sure’, so I was even happier than when the bidding started because I knew for sure that at least I would get to be associated with a franchise.”

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Speaking on the high price tag, Archer felt Rajasthan Royals spent a little more for his services.

“But I was still grateful regardless, and then in the next few months, I ended up being in India. That’s where I met most of the guys. The squad hasn’t really changed going into the second year and the third year now. It has still been the majority of the same guys. I think that is a great thing that Rajasthan is doing, to keep the core of the team the same,” he said.