Josh Hazlewood slams Australia’s poor fielding after consecutive defeats in T20 World Cup 2024
By SMCS - Jun 25, 2024 10:17 am
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Australian pacer Josh Hazlewood admitted that fielding has been their weakness in the last few games, pushing them to the brink of elimination in the T20 World Cup 2024. While he said wind was a significant factor in catches going down, he didn’t use it as an excuse. Australia’s fielding has been poor in the T20 World Cup 2024, starting with the fixture against Scotland when they dropped six catches.

Australia t20

Speaking at a post-match presser, Hazlewood said as quoted by, he remarked, “It hasn’t been good enough. I’m not sure what you can put it down to. The guys are always working as hard as ever on their fielding at training but there might not be as many opportunities to work on it at these tournaments. You’re always travelling and playing. But it hasn’t been good enough for the last few games in particular.”

“One thing I guess here it’s very, very windy. It’s just as hard catching into the wind as it is down breeze, as we saw today with India as well. It’s out of the ordinary but you put all that together – new stadium, windy – they’re not excuses, but I guess it’s something,” he further added.

Australia team
Australia team

However, Josh Hazlewood also played down the short time between Australia’s last two matches, stating that it’s part and parcel of the
game as well.

“I think it was fine. You play international cricket and you’re always travelling. I think the guys came ready this morning and we played pretty well for the majority of the game, I think they were just a bit more clinical a few areas. That’s part of the game,” Josh Hazlewood concluded.