IPL 2017
Just Dhoni things!
By B Dixit - Apr 16, 2017 5:47 pm
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Had there been a S.I. Unit for measuring the speed of a wicket-keeper effecting a stumping in a cricket match, Mahendra Singh Dhoni would have been QUICKEST. There might not be a unit to measure his speed but a naked human eye can judge it in his favour easily. The flashing ease with which he completes a stumping is unmatched on a cricket field.

Is it only about the stumping? No. There is more to it. The confidence with which he throws the ball to the square leg umpire. The confidence with which he makes an appeal. For all we know, in his own self, he must be sure about the final outcome. The appeal made to the umpire is just a formality so that the truth comes out in front of people.

AB de Villiers’ wicket was an exemplary of another one-of-a-kind Dhoni’s stumping. To dismiss a batsman of his quality, a combo of a special bowler and fielder was required. Imran Tahir and Dhoni paired to perform the duties from the bowling crease to behind the wickets at the batting crease. Watch the full video:

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