KL Rahul’s Fiery Confrontation With ‘Jarvo 69’ Streaker During CWC 2023 Sparks Controversy
By CricShots - Nov 6, 2023 6:43 pm
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Indian cricketer KL Rahul lashed out at a streaker who entered the field during India vs Australia match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 on October 08 at the M A Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. The streaker, known as ‘Jarvo 69’, uploaded a POV video of the incident on his YouTube channel.

Jarvo 69
Jarvo 69 invade the pitch in Chennai

In the video, Jarvo can be seen running onto the field while Mohammed Siraj tries to stop him. Jarvo reaches the pitch and Rahul walks up to him angrily, asking him to leave the field. Rahul can be heard cursing at Jarvo and telling him to stop coming to cricket matches.

“It’s not for you, that place is for you (pointing towards the crowd). Go f**k off, stop coming everywhere,” KL Rahul says in the video.

Jarvo eventually leaves the field, but the incident has sparked outrage among cricket fans. Many fans have condemned Jarvo for his行為, saying that it is disrespectful to the game and the players. Others have criticized Rahul for his language, saying that he should have been more professional.

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Jarvo 69 made a surprise visit to the pitch during the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023 game between India and Australia. The spectator made an appearance on the field after Indian players entered the field. He walked wearing an Indian jersey and caught everyone by surprise.

Jarvo 69 interacted with Virat Kohli as well before he was taken out of the ground by security personnel. Following this incident, the International Cricket Council has now taken strict action against him and has banned him from upcoming games of the ICC World Cup 2023.

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Speaking to PTI, an ICC spokesperson said: “The individual concerned has been banned from attending any further games at the event and the matter is in the hands of the Indian authorities. The safety and security of everyone involved in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 is our priority. We will work with the venue to understand what happened and consider if any additional security measures are required to prevent it happening again.”


This, however, has not been the first time when Jarvo interrupted the India game. He got famous during the Test series between England and India in 2021. He invaded the pitch in almost every match of the series during that series and was also banned from the English grounds.