Kumar Sangakkara Believes Rishabh Pant Needs to Improve His Wicket-keeping Skills
By Shruti - Nov 9, 2019 4:41 pm
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Former Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara thinks Rishabh Pant needs to improve his wicket-keeping skills and also he needs to understand his weakness ahead of next year’s World T20.

Rishabh Pant

“If you are looking at the World Cup it’s important for him (Pant) to understand what his role is in terms of helping his captain with the right information,” Sangakkara said. “However, at the same time as a wicketkeeper, it’s important to be neat and tidy behind the stumps which will give him confidence and put him in a better position to help his captain in calling for reviews.”

Rishabh Pant has been in the news since he has come in the limited-overs circuit – be it for his good performance or bad. He has faced criticism many times for his poor form as well as wicket-keeping. As per Kumar Sangakkara, Rishabh Pant needs to keep things simple and also not take any pressure.

“It’s important for him to keep things simple and understand his weakness. Once he is able to work on these areas he needs to strategize and plan, because for him right now he needs to keep things simple and not be under pressure,” said Sangakkara. “It’s also important for someone to talk to him on his batting and keep him off the pressure and let him be free with his game.”

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Former Australia cricketer Adam Gilchrist has also said to Pant that he doesn’t need to be another MS Dhoni, he needs to be the better version of himself.

Rishabh Pant
Rishabh Pant

“I’m not big on comparisons, like I have said before. I think Indians fans shouldn’t be trying to compare him to Dhoni. Dhoni has set such a high benchmark. One day someone might match it but it is probably unlikely,” Gilchrist said.

“Rishabh looks like a very talented young player. Just don’t put too much pressure on him too early and expect that he’s going to produce Dhoni-like performances every day. My advice to Rishabh Pant will be: learn everything you can from Dhoni. Don’t try to be Dhoni. Just try to be the best Rishabh Pant you can,” he further added.