Lucky escapes!
By B Dixit - Aug 24, 2017 6:44 am
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Luck plays a major role in any sport. Cricket is also one of them. Be it a bowler or a batsman, any individual on his day can dictate terms in front of any opposition. There are these special days when whatever an individual does on the field turns into gold.

On a given day, luck can shower upon you in numerous ways. One of the primary examples of the same is when a ball touches the stumps, but, the bails are not removed. For a batsman to be out bowled, it is important for the bails to be dislodged completely from the stumps.

Imagine when a leather ball of considerable weight touches the stumps without removing the bails sitting on them. Situations like this only happens when the luck is on your side. Watch the video to see the Top 5 moments when the ball touched the stumps but did not disturb the bails: