Man dies immediately after hitting six, video goes viral
By SMCS - Jun 6, 2024 6:50 pm
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In a tragic incident, a man suddenly collapsed and died soon after hitting a massive six during a local match near Mumbai. The video, which has gone viral on social media, showed the man in a pink t-shirt hitting a six and celebrating before suddenly falling to the ground. Despite efforts from teammates to revive him, he remained unresponsive, succumbing to an unknown issue right on the field as well.

Man dies

The incident happened at a ground in the Mira Road area of Thane, on the outskirts of Mumbai. After hitting a huge six over the boundary rope, the batter stumbled and fell face-first onto the pitch soon after. In the viral clip, the batter can be seen dropping his bat and attempting to regain his footing after hitting the ball as well. However, he immediately lost consciousness and collapsed there.

Fellow players rush to turn him over, desperately trying to revive the man by shaking him and even performing chest compressions too as well. Local authorities have started an investigation but have not yet identified the deceased man or determined his official cause of death so far.

Meanwhile, in another incident, a 73-year-old man in Indore died of a heart attack while doing yoga. The incident happened in the city’s Phooti Kothi neighbourhood as well. The man named Balveer Singh Chhabra was participating in camp activities. He passed out and fell to the ground. Everyone initially assumed it was a part of his show, but after he went silent for a minute, everyone started panicking.