IPL 2017
When Manoj Tiwary had to stretch
By B Dixit - Apr 14, 2017 4:55 pm
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In the general run of things, a player stretches mostly while fielding on the cricket field. Things were not the same for Manoj Tiwary. The 31-year old right-hand batsman had to stretch to complete his ground while batting.

Not that it was an unnecessary run, which he and Ankit Sharma ran. It was the length of the bat which forced him to dive in order to complete the run. On a Praveen Kumar yorker, Tiwary wanted to guide the ball to midwicket. To his astonishment, his bat broke into two. His decision to run a couple of runs would have been under doubt (after he was only left with the handle of his bat in his hand) had he not stretched to complete the run.

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