Michael Vaughan Names Two Best Test Teams in the World
By Shruti - Dec 26, 2019 7:00 pm
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Former England captain Michael Vaughan said both New Zealand and England haven’t performed well in the Test to be placed at the second and fourth spot in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Test rankings.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan

“I will be dead honest about the ICC rankings. I think they are absolute garbage,” Vaughan was quoted as saying by The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I have no idea how – New Zealand have won plenty of series over the course of the last two years – but for them to be second, and where it stands out for me that the rankings can’t be right is that England in Test match cricket are third (now fourth), and England for three or four years have struggled in Test match cricket, particularly overseas,” he shared.

“They (England) have won a series at home. They have only just drawn the Ashes in English conditions, they only just beat Ireland. I think the rankings are a little bit confusing. I certainly don’t, in my opinion, have New Zealand as the second-best Test match nation in the world. I think, particularly over here in Australia, Australia are a far better Test match team,” he added.

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Michael Vaughan also praised Australia who are in the second place after India in the points table.

“I think there are two teams — India and Australia, they are the best Test match teams in the world, without question. I think there is only one team that can come here and put Australia under pressure, that was 12 months ago, that they won here India,” he told.

“There was no Smith, no Warner, no (Marnus) Labuschagne in the Australian ranks in that series, I think the series later on next year, when India arrive back here, hopefully, everyone will be fit. That Indian attack has got the pace, it has also got the spin, the batting unit has got all the experience. I only see only one team at this stage that can compete with Australia here and that is India,” Vaughan added.