Mighty MS!
By B Dixit - Aug 17, 2017 8:54 am
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Mahendra Singh Dhoni kick-started his international career on the back of various aggressive innings. He was known for his ability to dominate the bowlers by playing big shots at will. Irrespective of the conditions or the opposition, Dhoni used to display his natural game on most of the occasions.

Achieving the success at a high strike rate became the key for Dhoni. Soon, he became the most feared batsman around the globe. Be it setting a total or chasing one, Dhoni was successful in both the situations.

Eventually, Dhoni introduced the world with his signature ‘helicopter shot’. It was also a way to combat yorkers, which are otherwise difficult to score runs off. Over the years, Dhoni changed his approach and started to spend more time on the crease. Perhaps, it was partially because of maturity as a batsman and partially because of him becoming the captain.

In 90 Test matches, MS scored 4,876 runs at an average of 38.09 and a strike rate of 59.11. His best, 224, came against Australia at Chennai in 2013. In 296 ODIs, he has scored 9,496 runs at an average of 51.32 and a strike rate of 88.69. He scored a career-best 183 against Sri Lanka in 2005. He has scored 1,211 runs in 77 T20I appearances at an average of 35.61 and a strike rate of 23.31.

Here is a video of Top 10 creative shots by MS Dhoni: