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Mike Hesson Analyzes IPL 2024 Auction Strategy Shifts After Trading Cameron Green
By CricShots - Feb 20, 2024 1:01 pm
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The IPL 2024 auction witnessed unprecedented moments, reshaping team dynamics and setting new records. Among the significant moves, the Kolkata Knight Riders’ record bid of ₹24.75 crores for Mitchell Starc and the strategic shifts by various franchises took centre stage. However, one particular decision by the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) significantly altered their auction strategy, according to Mike Hesson, the former Director of Cricket at RCB.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) 

In an interview with cricket.com, Hesson expressed reservations about RCB’s acquisition of Australian all-rounder Cameron Green from Mumbai Indians in a trade deal worth ₹17.50 crores. He believed that this move disrupted the team’s initial strong position after the retention list.

Hesson highlighted the impact of the substantial investment in Green on RCB’s auction strategy, stating, “Cam Green is a fine player, but his buy made a huge difference to their auction strategy.”

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The former RCB Director critiqued the team’s pursuit of Pat Cummins, questioning the decision to bid up to ₹20.25 crores for the Australian star. Hesson argued that such a high bid revealed RCB’s limitations and potentially restricted their options in the auction.

mike hesson
Mike Hesson

“I never would have bid for Pat Cummins to that level (INR 20.25 crore). Never. You basically show your hand that that’s as far as you can go. So you have another two or three teams that know that ‘that’s all that RCB have.’ The other teams will then forego a lot of other options to save more than 23 crores to outbid RCB,” explained Mike Hesson.

While understanding RCB’s motivation to secure a key player, Hesson emphasized that such moves could reveal too much about a team’s strategy. The acquisition of Cameron Green for a significant amount added pressure on RCB’s purse, affecting their overall approach to the auction.

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Cameron Green’s notable performances in the previous season with Mumbai Indians have raised expectations for his contributions to the Bengaluru-based team. The upcoming season will undoubtedly bring significant responsibilities for the Australian all-rounder.