Mitchell Starc Turns To Wife Alyssa Healy’s Bat For Spectacular Performance
By CricShots - Jul 12, 2023 6:29 pm
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Mitchell Starc, the Australian cricketer, has made waves in the cricket world by opting to use his wife Alyssa Healy’s cricket bat during a men’s Test match. This unconventional decision has sparked interest and intrigue among fans and experts. Surprisingly, Starc’s choice has proved fruitful as he achieved his highest Test score in nearly four years during the World Test Championship Final against India, contributing an impressive 41 runs.

Mitchell Starc
Mitchell Starc played with his wife’s bat

In a recent Ashes match at Lord’s, Starc played 72 balls, making a significant contribution to Australia’s fourth-innings target against England.

Mitchell Starc’s preference for Healy’s bat is based on its lighter pick-up compared to his previous bat. He explained, “It’s a little bit lighter… (South Africa’s) Anrich Nortje was bowling pretty fast through the summer, so I used a lighter bat. She didn’t know it was gone, so it was fine.”

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While organizing his cricket bags at home, Starc stumbled upon the lighter bat and decided to claim ownership, leaving his wife with only two remaining bats. Mitchell Starc playfully shared, “I was cleaning out a few cricket bags at home, she was away on a tour. I said, ‘you know there’s three bats in this bag’ and she didn’t know, I said, ‘there’s two now, the other’s in my bag!'”

Mitchell Starc
Mitchell Starc and Alyssa Healy

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Starc and Healy have shared bats. Being sponsored by Kookaburra, they have previously exchanged equipment. Healy used one of Starc’s bats during the 2016-17 WBBL, delivering exceptional performances. However, she accidentally damaged the bat when she cut off the end of the handle.

Fortunately, Healy’s bat requires no modifications for Starc’s use, except for an additional grip to enhance his grip and control. This compatibility has allowed Starc to make the most of his wife’s bat and showcase his skills on the field.

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Beyond sharing cricket equipment, Starc and Healy have also been able to spend quality time together during their respective tours. Starc made a trip to Bristol to support Healy as she captained Australia in the first ODI of the multi-format Ashes. He also attended the initial days of the Test match at Trent Bridge, while Healy managed to catch parts of the first three Tests of the men’s tour. The couple’s shared passion for cricket has brought them closer, allowing them to support and enjoy each other’s matches.