Moeen Ali is unhappy by letting team down in the Ashes
By Aditya Pratap - Jan 16, 2018 2:35 pm
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England all-rounder Moeen Ali is aware of his poor performance in the recently concluded Ashes series in Australia. He feels that he let down the team and his fans despite having responsibilities over his shoulders.

Ali recalled his performance on this tour and quoted “It has been difficult. A very tough tour, yeah. Personally and as a team we just got outplayed massively in all parts of the game. I feel I did not perform. When you lose a bit of confidence in your own game sometimes you try harder and it can be that the harder you try the worse it gets. That’s what was happening. You try everything – different approaches going into bat, be positive, but nothing really came off and like I said the harder I tried the worse it was getting. But these things happen, and you can learn from them.”

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He further added “I feel like I was letting the team down, the fans down. The Barmy Army was singing the whole time. When your confidence is low, you are trying to perform the best you can but it’s not happening it is most disappointing. It’s not that you are not scoring runs or not getting wickets. It’s just that you feel as an individual you are letting your team-mates down. I am sure a few of the guys felt the same thing but that was my biggest fear.”

However, when the format got changed on this Sunday, Ali’s performance saw a rise as he bowled beautifully during the opening One-Day International match against Australia.

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“The attitude is obviously different because it’s a different sort of cricket, so it’s been refreshing. When J-Roy was batting yesterday we were egging him on to beat the record. In the back of our heads we have these records but the first focus is to win the game and we know if someone like J-Roy bats the way he does we can beat anybody in the world. And we have players like that all throughout the line-up,” he commented.

“Australia in the Ashes was a fantastic team. In all departments they outplayed us and we struggled big time and so for us to play the way we played yesterday [Sunday] and beat them was brilliant. We are 1-0 up after one game and our challenge is to do what they did to us in the Test matches now. We’ve got to be a little bit better at that as a team. We know that but the main thing is to win the series, learn and improve from here going forward,” the 29-year-old concluded.