Mohammed Shami Reflects On Virat Kohli’s Celebratory Style And Leadership Aspirations
By CricShots - Feb 7, 2024 4:59 pm
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After being initially dropped from India’s ODI World Cup squad, Mohammed Shami made a remarkable comeback, claiming 24 wickets in seven matches and finishing as the tournament’s leading wicket-taker. His outstanding performance earned him the prestigious Arjuna Award from the Government of India. Currently focusing on his fitness, Shami is determined to make a return to the national team.

mohammed shami
Mohammed Shami and Virat Kohli

In a recent interview, the star pacer shared insights into Virat Kohli’s celebratory style on the field. Despite being a batsman, Shami humorously remarked that Kohli celebrates wickets more than any bowler. According to Shami, Kohli’s exuberance is a natural expression of his aggressive nature, and even if he wanted to curb it, he couldn’t stop himself.

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“Virat Kohli celebrates more than any bowler after a wicket. I tell him at times that it’s good that you aren’t a bowler. He enjoys himself while doing so. That’s his style of play. It’s in his nature. He can’t stop himself even if he wants to. Once I showed him a picture and asked what is this? He jumped more than the height of the stumps and I said, it’s my wicket brother. He said, leave, forget it (laughs),” Mohammed Shami explained during the interview with News18.


Expressing his aspiration to lead Team India, Shami noted that while Jasprit Bumrah has captained the team among bowlers, he has never been considered for the same role. Shami stated that he would love the opportunity to lead the country and humorously added that only an “Avatar” would deny such an honour.

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“Who wouldn’t want (to become India’s captain)? If someone denies taking responsibility as the captain of the national team, he would be an avatar. I would definitely want it. I would want to take some responsibility for my country,” Mohammed Shami expressed.

In a more personal reflection, Shami revealed that he misses his daughter, who resides with her mother. Despite occasional conversations, he hasn’t met his daughter since their divorce, expressing a sense of longing for that connection.