Mohammed Shami Slams Critics, Defends Faith and Identity After World Cup Controversy
By CricShots - Dec 14, 2023 6:14 pm
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Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami has addressed online trolls who targeted him for kneeling down after taking a wicket during the Cricket World Cup 2023. Some Pakistani accounts misconstrued his gesture as an attempt to perform “Sajda,” a Muslim act of prostration in gratitude to God. Shami, known for his calm demeanor, decided to address the issue head-on, setting the record straight and emphasizing both his faith and his Indian identity.

Mohammed Shami
Mohammed Shami has been exceptional in Lucknow

Speaking at an event, Shami challenged the trolls, stating, “If somebody wants to do Sajda, who will stop? I will not stop anybody from your religion, you will not stop anybody from my religion. If I have to do Sajda, I will do it. What is the problem? I say it with pride that I am Muslim. I am an Indian, I say it with pride that I am an Indian.” This powerful response highlighted his right to practice his faith freely, a right guaranteed in a diverse and tolerant nation like India.

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Shami further clarified that he doesn’t perform Sajda on the field, even though some Muslim cricketers do. He emphasized, “If I have to do Sajda, tell me where to do it, I will do it.” This statement addressed the misinformation surrounding his actions, demonstrating his respect for the sacred gesture and the appropriate settings for performing it.

He acknowledged the existence of online trolls who use social media to promote negativity and division. He explained his simple act of kneeling down as a consequence of fatigue from a strenuous bowling spell, not as an attempt at religious expression on the field.


Shami’s response stands as a beacon of tolerance and self-assurance. He countered online hate with a message of unity and respect for all religions. By proudly declaring his faith and nationality, he tackled the misconceptions and defended the values of inclusivity and individuality that India embodies.

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This incident serves as a reminder that sports, while providing a platform for athletic prowess, can also become unintended battlegrounds for online toxicity. It highlights the importance of responsible online behavior and critical thinking in the age of social media.

Shami’s response not only silenced the trolls but also resonated with fans across communities, reminding us that sports can be a unifying force, transcending differences and celebrating the diversity that enriches our world.