Mohammed Shami Slams Former Pakistan Players For “Bizarre” Allegations Of Biased Umpiring
By CricShots - Nov 22, 2023 3:38 pm
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Star Indian pacer Mohammed Shami has addressed the accusations made against him by former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza during the ICC ODI World Cup 2023. Raza had alleged that the International Cricket Council (ICC) had provided a different set of balls to the Indian players, giving them an unfair advantage. Shami, who was initially benched for the first four games, made a remarkable comeback with a five-wicket haul against New Zealand in Dharamsala. He went on to become the tournament’s highest wicket-taker with 23 scalps.

Mohammed Shami
Mohammed Shami has been exceptional in Lucknow

Raza’s comments drew criticism from several former cricketers, including legendary Wasim Akram, who explained how teams select the balls before the start of play. Shami, who remained silent on the issue until now, has finally responded to the entire episode. In an interview with Puma India, Shami attributed his success to hard work and dedication, suggesting that his performance may have caused resentment among some Pakistani cricketers.

“It’s all about hitting the right target. If you are not doing it correctly, don’t even hope for positive results. I’m not blaming anyone. Instead, I pray for others to perform like this. I’m never jealous of anyone. You will be a better cricketer if you enjoy others’ success. So, I don’t do anything special. It’s all that almighty gives me,” Mohammed Shami stated in the interview.

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“I was benched for the first few matches and when I started playing, I picked up a five-wicket haul, then grabbed four wickets in the next game and another five-wicket haul thereafter. But kuch Pakistan ke players ko ye baat hazam nahi hui. (A few Pakistani players couldn’t digest my success),” he added.

While Mohammed Shami refrained from naming Raza directly, he expressed disbelief that a former player could make such unfounded claims.

“They think they are the best. In my opinion, the one who performs on time, the one who works hard and stands with the team, is the best. But you keep on creating controversies that we are getting a different-colored ball, manufactured by a different company, or the ICC has given you some other type of ball. Sudhar jao yaar,” Mohammed Shami asserted.


“The same thing was explained by Wasim [Akram] on a talk show about how the balls are being picked by the teams before the start of play. It’s still understandable if you aren’t a player or haven’t played at the highest level and making such comments. But despite being an ex-player, you are saying such things then people can only laugh at you,” he added.

Earlier this month, Mohammed Shami had taken to Instagram to express his disapproval of Raza’s remarks.

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“Have some shame, focus on the game and not on rubbish statements. Enjoy someone else’s success, rubbish, this is the ICC World Cup not your local tournament. Wasim Akram had explained even then. At least trust your own player, trust your Wasim Akram. You are busy praising your own self,” Mohammed Shami posted on his Instagram story.

Shami’s response highlights the importance of maintaining professionalism and sportsmanship in the cricketing fraternity. His success on the field speaks volumes about his dedication and hard work, and his comments serve as a reminder that baseless allegations should not tarnish the spirit of the game.