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More Than 300 Players Shortlisted For IPL 2019 Player Auction
By Sandy - Dec 11, 2018 10:54 pm
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A total of 346 players have been shortlisted for the VIVO IPL 2019 Player Auction that has been scheduled to be held in Jaipur on December 18, 2018.

IPL player auction

Earlier, on 5 December 2018, a total of 1,003 players registered their names for the upcoming player auction while only 70 players can be selected from the auction. A total of 200 capped players, 800 uncapped players and three associate nations’ players registered their names in this Player Auction list.

Since then, the eight franchises had a deadline of 10 December 2018 at 17:00 IST to submit their shortlisted players which have helped to make the final VIVO IPL 2019 Player Auction list that was released on Tuesday (December 11). Now, only these shortlisted players will be available for the upcoming IPL auction.

A total of 346 have been shortlisted and out of them, 220 are Indians and other 120 are overseas players, including two associate member players. The players have been divided into eight different base prices, starting from INR 20 lakh to 2 crores.

Total no.of players shortlisted from each national team for the IPL 2019 Player Auction


Only nine players have been listed in the INR 2 crore based price and none of them is Indian. The second list has the based price of INR 1.5 crore where Jaydev Unadkat is the only Indian among the 10 players.

A total of 19 players have been shortlisted in the based price of INR 1 crore where four players are Indians. The other based price categories are INR 75 lakh, INR 50 lakh, INR 40 lakh, INR 30 lakh and INR 20 lakh.

Here are the detail players’ lists of IPL 2019 Player Auction.

VIVO IPL 2019 Player Auction detail players’ lists:

  • Base Price – INR 200 lakh (INR 2 crore)

(Indian players: 0)

(Overseas players: 9)


  • Base Price – INR 150 lakh (INR 1.5 crore)

(Indian players: 1)
(Overseas players: 9)

  • Base Price – INR 100 lakh (INR 1 crore)

(Indian players: 4)
(Overseas players: 15)


  • Base Price – INR 75 lakh

(Indian players: 2)

(Overseas players: 16)


  • Base Price – INR 50 lakh

(Indian players: 18)

(Overseas players: 44)


  • Base Price – INR 40 lakh

(Indian players: 0)

(Overseas players: 7)


  • Base Price – INR 30 lakh

(Indian players: 5)

(Overseas players: 3) 


  • Base Price – INR 20 lakh

(Indian players: 196)

(Overseas players: 17)