Nathan Lyon Encourages Indian Fan’s Bowling Skills in Heartwarming Exchange
By CricShots - Feb 24, 2024 5:38 pm
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Veteran Australian spinner Nathan Lyon has left an indelible mark on cricket, especially in the longest format, with his exceptional bowling skills. Lyon recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to respond to a video shared by an Indian fan, demonstrating his spin bowling prowess and mimicking Lyon’s bowling action.

Nathan Lyon
Nathan Lyon

The fan’s tweet, tagging both Lyon and Ravichandran Ashwin, read, “Hello Sir I am Balram Kumar This is my Bowling video Please Check.” Lyon responded warmly, encouraging the fan by saying, “Keep that up and you’ll play higher grades quickly.”

Lyon’s camaraderie extends beyond his interactions with fans. He recently congratulated Ravichandran Ashwin for reaching the monumental milestone of 500 Test wickets for India, making him just the fifth spinner to achieve this feat. Despite being on opposite sides on the field, Lyon and Ashwin share a mutual respect off the pitch.

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In a heartfelt message shared on X, Lyon expressed his admiration for Ashwin, acknowledging the battles they’ve had on various cricketing grounds worldwide. Lyon emphasized the learning opportunities inherent in facing formidable opponents like Ashwin and highlighted the mutual growth they’ve experienced through their encounters.

Reflecting on their shared journey toward the 500-wicket milestone, Lyon expressed his gratitude for the lessons learned from Ashwin, indicating that their rivalry has inadvertently served as a source of mentorship for him. Lyon’s humility and appreciation for Ashwin’s talent underscore the camaraderie that transcends the competitive spirit of the sport.

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“You look at Ashwin, he’s a world-class bowler and somebody I’ve watched closely from the start of his career. We’ve gone head-to-head many times in different conditions around the world. I’ve got nothing but respect for Ashwin and the way he’s gone about it. I’ve definitely learned from him,” Nathan Lyon acknowledged in the clip.


As Lyon and Ashwin continue their illustrious careers, their mutual respect and admiration serve as a testament to the spirit of cricket, fostering a bond that goes beyond the boundaries of nationality and competition.