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Pakistan Fans Accuse Mohammad Amir Amid T20 World Cup Despite His Redemption Efforts
By CricShots - Jun 13, 2024 11:23 am
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Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir’s career has been significantly overshadowed by controversy, most notably his involvement in the infamous spot-fixing scandal in England in 2010. This incident led to a five-year ban imposed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), a penalty Amir has already served. Despite fulfilling his suspension, the scandal continues to haunt him, with fans and former players often questioning his integrity and character, casting a long shadow over his contributions to cricket.

Pakistan fans
Mohammad Amir

The recent T20 World Cup in the Americas reignited these controversies. In a widely circulated video, a spectator can be heard shouting “fixer” at Amir while he walked near the boundary at Nassau County International Stadium in New York. This incident highlights how the shadow of his past still looms large, affecting how some fans perceive him.


However, this incident also sparked a wave of backlash against the heckling fan. Many social media users defended Amir, arguing that he has already paid the price for his past mistakes and deserves to be treated with respect. They emphasized that it’s unfair to continuously target him for an error he has already been punished for and has expressed remorse over.

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Amir, upon his selection for the T20 World Cup squad, expressed his frustration over the persistent criticism from former cricketers regarding his past. In a candid conversation with Pakistani journalist Hafiz Mohammad Imran on YouTube, Amir conveyed his exhaustion with being repeatedly called out for the spot-fixing scandal.






Mohammad Amir reflected on the significant portion of his career that he lost due to the ban and his subsequent retirement, stating, “I have done penance for that big mistake. I was banned from 2010 to 2015 and took retirement from 2020 to 2024, losing nine years in total. But I accept it all as God’s will and I have moved on.”

Amid ongoing criticism, Amir emphasized that his selection in the T20I side was based on merit, particularly his performances in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), the country’s premier domestic T20 competition. He pointed out that both he and his teammate Imad had consistently performed well in the PSL and other leagues, questioning the basis of the criticism against their selection.

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There has been a lot of criticism by some people on me and Imad being selected without playing domestic cricket. I ask them what is Pakistan’s premier domestic T20 event? The PSL. And both of us have played and performed in the PSL, besides appearing regularly in other leagues. So what is wrong with selecting us for the T20 format?” he argued.

Through these statements, Amir seeks to shift the focus from his past mistakes to his current form and performances, highlighting the unfairness of being perpetually judged for a single chapter in his career, despite having paid the price and moved forward.