Pat Cummins will be surprised if Virat Kohli keeps quiet
By Sandy - Nov 20, 2018 1:54 am
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Before leaving India for the Australia tour, Indian skipper Virat Kohli claimed that he will remain cool in the on-field arguments. However, Australian pacer Pat Cummins claims that he will be surprised if Kohli stayed quiet on those occasions.

Pat Cummins

Ahead of the team’s departure for Australia tour, Kohli claimed that he has become more mature on the field to getting engaged in an argument.

Virat Kohli

The Indian skipper said, “When it comes to getting engaged in an argument on the field, I have been completely okay playing without an altercation. I have enough belief in my abilities.. those were very immature things I used to feed on when I was younger. We were always the ones giving it back. As long as it does not start, we will not go out looking for anything but we will reciprocate.”

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However, the 25-year-old Australian pacer Pat Cummins doesn’t believe that Kohli will be quiet in the on-field arguments.

Pat Cummins

Cummins recently told Fairfax Media, “I think I heard him say in the media the other day he won’t, but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t. He’s so competitive, he really thrives on that. We’ll hold our ground, we’re going to be competitive and all those things. We wouldn’t treat him differently to any others. I think you’ll see a lot of passion from both sides, but nothing super fiery as we saw against India a couple of years ago.”

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After the three-match T20I series, starting on November 21, the visitors India will play the four-match Test series and three-match ODI series respectively in the Australia tour.

Talking about their plans for the Indian batsmen, Cummins revealed that it would be summed up once their Test squad get together.

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Cummins said, “It might be something to talk about once we get the Test squad together, and talk about how we want to play and our plans for individual batsmen. To be honest, I do what works best for me. It’s getting myself fired up or getting myself focused, it’s more getting the best out of myself than trying to put a batsman off or anything.”