R Ashwin gives cheeky reply to Nitin Menon’s ‘obstructing vision for LBW’ comment
By SMCS - Nov 27, 2021 11:43 am
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Team India are currently playing the first Test against New Zealand in Kanpur, where R Ashwin was once again seen having an argument. However, this time it was with the on-field umpire Nitin Menon. It happened after bowling to New Zealand captain Kane Williamson. And, Menon was seen having a word with Ashwin after the last delivery as well. Ashwin finished his action in front of him and he somehow missed the action a bit.

nitin menon
Nitin Menon

However, R Ashwin seemed like he doesn’t want to listen to him as he continued his bowling again. Later the captain Ajinkya Rahane was summoned and both the umpires were seen having a word with him as well. As the talks were on, some words were heard between Ashwin and the umpire. The umpire was heard saying, “You are obstructing my vision” to which Rahane, who was supporting Ashwin said, “He’s not running on to the danger area.”

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However, Nitin Menon again said, “I can’t make the LBW calls” to which the R Ashwin made a cheeky comment and said, “You are anyway not making any”. He was also heard saying, ‘that it is fine if you aren’t able to give a verdict, I will use DRS because this angle is helping me bowl better.’

However, Nitin Menon is considered as one of the best in the business and this game can be one of the exceptions as some of his decisions didn’t go as per his plan and are being questioned as well.

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Meanwhile, former India player turned veteran commentator Aakash Chopra also claimed the umpiring was “very ordinary standard” on Day 2 of the first test between India and New Zealand in Kanpur. He said: “We once again saw the same thing. Umpiring has been of a very ordinary standard. Tom Latham was given out like Shubman Gill but it turned out to be an inside edge. Nitin Menon, who is usually very good, the standard has fallen there as well… How many times did it happen today with Tom Latham? I have actually lost count. On one occasion there was no edge but the bat hit the pad, and the umpire gave him out then do you know what he [would have] said? “This umpire doesn’t like my face or what?” There was one more when Ravichandran Ashwin crossed the return crease, it should have been a no-ball but wasn’t given.”