R Ashwin opines on Mankading law change
By SMCS - Mar 18, 2022 2:38 pm
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Veteran India off-spinner R Ashwin welcomed Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC)’s decision to move Mankading from the unfair play section to run out and urged the bowlers to do it before dismissing the non-striker player if he steps out of the crease before the bowler finishes his delivery. Notably, MCC decided to make the mode of dismissal a fair one alongside completely banning the use of saliva to shine the ball and the rule will come into effect in October.

Jos Buttler and Ravichandran Ashwin

Notably, R Ashwin had mankaded Jos Buttler during the IPL 2019 game between Punjab Kings (Kings XI Punjab) and Rajasthan Royals, which made headlines about the controversial mode of dismissal.

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“Non-striker leaving the crease early is the actual unfair play in this whole scenario, not the bowler running them out,” Ashwin said on his YouTube channel. “Earlier, it was termed a Mankad. But it has been changed now to run out. They (MCC) have destigmatized the entire concept and have termed it a run-out law. The bowler was earlier expected to give a warning when the batsman leaves the crease at the non-striker’s end.”

R Ashwin
R Ashwin and Jos Buttler

“Now they have announced that what the non-striker is doing is wrong and, therefore, bowlers can actually run them out if the non-striker tries to leave the crease before the ball is delivered by the bowler. Bowlers used to feel bad about doing this, wondering how our team batsman would feel and what the cricketing world would think if we did it. Thinking about these consequences, they used not to run them out,” R Ashwin further added.

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“If the non-striker ends up on strike because of that extra step he is taking, he might smash a six, whereas the current striker might have gotten out. So, if you take a wicket, your career will advance, whereas if you are smashed for a six, your career may suffer,” R Ashwin concluded.