R Sridhar Reveals Virat Kohli Had Done Indefinite Practice To Improve His Slip Catching
By CricShots - Aug 20, 2022 11:46 am
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India’s former fielding coach R Sridhar has claimed that it required a lot of practice or Virat Kohli became one of India’s best slip fielders. He also shared the intensity at which the star batter practiced during training sessions. From the start of his international career, Kohli has often been touted as one of the finest fielders in world cricket. His fitness levels have also been top-notch in the last decade or so and he continues to set the standards for the rest of his teammates in that regard.

R Sridhar
R Sridhar

Talking to, as per the quotes in Hindustan Times, R Sridhar claimed that Kohli became one of India’s better slip fielders through practice. The former India coach claimed that initially, he wasn’t good in that position as the star batter was too energetic.

R Sridhar explained, “Virat Kohli has gone on to become one of India’s better slip fielders purely with practice. He was not a very good slip fielder initially because he was too energetic – he was a bundle of energy – and that is Kohli. Not that he is not energetic now. He is still very much there but he is able to know when to be calm and he has channeled his energy better. But I am telling you it’s practice.”

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The former fielding coach also went on to talk about Kohli’s intensity during training and said that the former Indian skipper rarely got tired by the sessions. The former coach also said that the star batter set a template for any youngster to follow when it comes to fielding.

Virat Kohli doing fielding practice 

R Sridhar elaborated, “I have had sessions with him when I have got tired, and I said ‘Virat, that’s enough’. But he would ask ‘no, are you tired? I want to catch more’. And I am like going on and on… nicking 100 catches to him. There are a few days where he takes more than 100 catches per session. And the energy with which he does it is mind-boggling. For me, that’s the sight which I will take with me to my grave… Virat Kohli practicing.”

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He concluded, “And even for slip catching… hundreds and hundreds of catches. Be it Brisbane, Ahmedabad, or Southampton. When it comes to fielding, the intensity with which he does it is a lesson; he is a template for any young cricketer to follow. He wants it fast, very specific… ‘give me more to my left, to my right. More one-handed, two-handed. And if he things the ball is coming too slow, he would take a few steps forward and challenge his reaction.”