Rahul Dravid Reveals Reasons For RCB Failure
By CricShotsStaff - Mar 25, 2020 5:20 pm
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Former India Batsman Rahul Dravid is the epitome of a true gentleman. One of the legends of the game, Rahul Dravid is a player who was loved by all and hated by none. Dravid’s opinion holds great value and credibility in everyone’s eyes.  Post-retirement, Rahul Dravid has been busy budding the future of Indian cricket. The Wall coached the Indian under-19 and the India A teams. India’s u-19 side under the influential guidance of Rahul Dravid won the U-19  World Cup in 2018. Currently, India’s former skipper holds the director position at the National Cricket Academy in Banglore.

Rahul Dravid

Recently, Dravid analyzed was asked to analyze the reasons for RCB being an unsuccessful team in the IPL and share his thoughts on the same. Rahul decided to draw comparisons of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team with southern counterparts and one of the most successful teams in the history of IPL, the Chennai Super Kings.

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The Indian maestro was quick to point out the managerial differences between the owners of both the franchises. Dravid mentioned that the owners of Chennai Super King were already involved in the runnings and functioning of a cricket team before they picked up the IPL team from Chennai.

“When they got into the IPL, Chennai probably had an advantage over a lot of other franchises because their owners, India Cements, were already in the business of running cricket teams. CSK was just the most high-profile team that they ran. So in a sense, they’ve always had people on the ground and their scouting system was probably better right at the start than any other team,”  Dravid said.

David also emphasized CSK ‘s management ideology of building up a strong core since the beginning of the franchise. He mentions that players like Dwyane Bravo, Suresh Raina, and skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni have been ever-present and synonymous with the name of CSK. Something that RCB hasn’t been able to do.

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“There are a lot of foreign players available for four slots. But there are a limited number of quality Indian players available, and the fact that CSK has been able to get some of the best guys have meant that they have always had that core,” Dravid said.

The right-hander also describes the bowling unit of CSK as a major factor that has helped CSK win tournaments. “That’s where Chennai has always been successful because they’ve often had stronger bowling than Bangalore.”

Dravid also criticized the auction strategy of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team management described it as not upto the mark. He believes that the RCB team has been poor in selecting players for their team.

Rahul Dravid

“I think they’ve been very poor with selections and auctions. Bangalore has never balanced their team very well. They had their best year when they had a bowler like Mitchell Starc who was able to close out games for them. But they kept going out and picking gun batsmen.” Dravid said.

The veteran feels that one of the major reason’s for RCB not succeeding is that the management’s inability to pick up the right combination for the side going into a season of the IPL.

“For RCB, you always felt they will be chasing a gun death bowler. Then the first thing you realise is they’ve spent 15 crores on Yuvraj Singh and you think, ‘Oh, sh*t! They aren’t in the market for that!’ and by the time a death bowler comes round they won’t be able to spend any money so we can outbid them.”