Rain Looms Over T20 World Cup Final: ICC Prepares Back-Up Plans With Playing Conditions Explained
By CricShots - Jun 29, 2024 5:13 pm
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The highly anticipated T20 World Cup 2024 final between India and South Africa on Saturday at Kensington Oval, Barbados, faces a potential rain hurdle. Weather forecasts predict a 51% chance of rain, prompting the ICC to implement measures to ensure a thrilling conclusion to the tournament.

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India vs South Africa

Firstly, a reserve day (June 30) has been designated in case the scheduled day falls victim to rain. The ICC’s playing conditions prioritize completing the match on the original day, with potential reductions in overs if necessary. Only if the minimum number of overs can’t be bowled on Saturday will the match spill over to the reserve day.

To achieve a result, both teams must bat a minimum of 10 overs each. Additionally, the ICC has allocated an extra 190 minutes on Saturday to maximize the chance of completing the game.

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In the event of rain causing a delay, the match will resume from the same point on the reserve day, avoiding a complete restart. If no play is possible on Saturday, the match kicks off on the reserve day at the original scheduled time.Here’s where things get a bit more complex: If the overs are reduced on Saturday and play commences before a rain interruption, the match will resume on the reserve day from the same point, with the possibility of further over reductions if necessary.


Here are two illustrative scenarios:

Scenario 1: The match begins with 20 overs allocated to each side. Rain disrupts play after 9 overs, prompting a reduction to 17 overs per side. Before another ball is bowled, the rain intensifies and play is abandoned for the day. Since the match didn’t resume under the revised format, the reserve day will see the game continue with the original 20 overs per side, with potential reductions occurring during the reserve day itself.

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Scenario 2: The match starts with 20 overs per side again. Rain interrupts play after 9 overs, leading to a reduction to 17 overs per side. This time, play resumes, and one over is completed before another rain shower halts proceedings. As play did resume, the reserve day will see the game pick up from 17 overs per side, with the possibility of further over reductions on the reserve day.

The ICC’s detailed plans aim to ensure a thrilling conclusion to the T20 World Cup final, regardless of the weather’s whims. Will India finally end their 11-year wait for an ICC trophy, or will South Africa claim their maiden title? Cricket fans around the world wait with bated breath to witness the answer unfold, rain or shine.