Ravichandran Ashwin Breaks Down Controversial Super Over Drama: A Candid Commentary
By CricShots - Jan 19, 2024 11:34 am
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The recent T20I clash between India and Afghanistan created a stir in the cricketing world, featuring a dramatic comeback from Afghanistan and culminating in not one but two Super Overs in the series finale. The match took an unexpected turn when Afghanistan managed to secure two overthrow runs, courtesy of Sanju Samson’s underarm throw deflecting unexpectedly off Mohammad Nabi.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma and Mohammad Nabi had a furious banter

While the Indian team, led by captain Rohit Sharma, displayed their displeasure on the field, Afghanistan adhered to the rulebook, ultimately earning three runs off the final ball. Indian spin maestro Ravichandran Ashwin shared his insights on the Super Over drama in his typical candid manner. Expressing his perspective, Ashwin highlighted that as a cricket enthusiast, one would likely go for that extra run in a tense situation. He emphasized that such occurrences are inherent in the game, analogous to leg byes, byes, wides, and no-balls.

Addressing the situation, Ravichandran Ashwin stated in a video on his YouTube channel, “There are two sides to this story. If we are the affected party on the field, we will get very irritated with whatever happens. We might not have done this if we were on the field. That is our personal opinion and view.”

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Considering the dual aspects of the narrative, Ravichandran Ashwin acknowledged that irritation might be the initial reaction on the field if India were in a similar situation. He admitted that actions might differ when directly involved and stressed that it’s a matter of perspective, a viewpoint he doesn’t shy away from sharing.

R Ashwin
Ravichandran Ashwin

“As an Indian cricket fan, I can say this. Tomorrow, if we are facing a Super Over in the World Cup knockout match, and when it is one ball, two runs to win. The wicketkeeper’s throw deflects off our glove, we will also run. How can a player not run?” he added.

Drawing parallels with other scenarios in cricket, Ashwin compared the situation to leg byes, byes, wides, and no-balls, emphasizing that it’s all fair game in the pursuit of victory. In the context of a Super Over, Ashwin contended that taking that extra run is well within the rights of the batter.

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“A simple explanation for this will suffice. A bowler is bowling to pick your wicket. You are blocking the ball or hitting it to score runs. When the ball hits the pads, it’s a leg bye. It is a bye when it doesn’t meet your body, and the keeper leaves it. When the ball goes wide off the crease, it is wide. When the bowler outstretches their leg, it is no-ball. All these happen on the chance that the bowler takes a wicket-taking delivery. This is the same. When a fielder throws to get me to run out and the ball deflects off my body, I am within my right to run. Spirit of cricket? Yet again, I’m sorry,” he concluded.