Reason Behind Dinesh Karthik Wearing Different Helmets From Other Players
By CricShots - Sep 24, 2022 3:23 pm
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Indian wicket-keeper batter, Dinesh Karthik once again churned out his finishing abilities during September 23’s rain-curtailed 2nd T20I against Australia. Coming in to bat with just 13 runs needed off 7 deliveries, Dinesh Karthik smacked 10* off 2 (1 six and 1 four) to help the Men in Blue cruise to a much-needed win.

Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh Karthik wear a unique helmet

Even if we keep the blitzkrieg knock aside, Dinesh Karthik has played a couple of unreal blinders in past matches (41* off 19, 55 off 27, and 30* off 21) as well, making him a sure-shot starter for the Indian team in the 2022 T20 World Cup that begins in October. However, there is something else worth discussing such as the helmet that Karthik wears is pretty unique and the reasons behind his choice.

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The design of the helmet that Dinesh Karthik wears is something that attracts attention whenever he keeps, or comes out to bat. The 37-year-old sensation sports a rather unique-looking helmet that resembles the ones used in Baseball and American Football games. There’s no bulge at the center and it isn’t sphere-shaped.

Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh Karthik

Obviously, Karthik’s gear has additional metal grills for protection against the leather ball. Nonetheless, there are some potential reasons why Dinesh Karthik chooses to wear these over standard ones. For starters, Dinesh’s helmets are more ergonomic and lighter, allowing better head movement, running, and a better fit on the head.

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In addition, the small openings at the top, the sides, and the back provide better sweat release and ventilation. India’s new cool-blue Jersey has resulted in a change in the helmet color as well. Karthik’s helmet now stands out more than ever, shining like a blue sun when the floodlights kiss its glossy surface, thus giving the perception of Dinesh Karthik having built an igloo around his head.

Dinesh Karthik aside, a handful of other cricketers including James Taylor, Stuart Broad, Rahul Tripathi, and Kumar Sangakkara have sported similar-styled cricket helmets in the past. To go a little wayward, such helmets also look better (to me) and these players daring to ditch the normal helmet makes them come off as true and courageous alpha males.