Reason Behind Shreyas Iyer Wearing ‘K’ Sticker During IPL 2022
By CricShots - Jun 11, 2022 3:00 pm
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The Indian cricket fans have noticed that in recent times, the Indian batter, Shreyas Iyer is playing with a black color sticker on his right triceps with the symbol ‘K’. Well, that sticker has nothing to do with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) as it is basically an expensive fitness gadget from a Bengaluru startup called Ultrahuman.

Shreyas Iyer
Shreyas Iyer wearing the ‘K’ sticker

Recently, Shreyas Iyer partnered with Ultrahuman and started using a product called Ultrahuman M1. It is basically a continuous real-time blood glucose monitor that can be paired with an iPhone app called Ultrahuman. Not just Shreyas Iyer, you will soon get to see this ‘K’ sticker on your Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn timelines as the brand is promoting the product through influencers.

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It focuses on metabolic fitness by tracking blood glucose and other “advanced biomarkers” to provide some insights about a person’s health. In layman’s language, the Ultrahuman M1 or the ‘K’ sticker comprises of a biosensor that needs to be attached to your triceps’. This biosensor basically collects data related to the blood glucose levels in real-time and relays the same to an app on iPhone called Ultrahuman.

Shreyas Iyer
Shreyas Iyer wearing the ultrahuman gadget

For those unaware, a person’s blood glucose levels keep changing every minute. So, this device basically tracks the live energy level in a human’s body and also tells when a person should sleep, eat, or work out. Talking about the cost, the Ultrahuman chip comes with different subscription packages: 2 weeks, 12 weeks, and 52 weeks starting at INR 4,999, INR 24,999, and INR 1,04,999.

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The K sticker or CGM sensor needs to be changed twice a month. And to get the maximum benefit out of this, you will ideally have to use it on a daily basis. This means every year you need to spend above Rs 1 lakh for getting real-time blood glucose monitoring.