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Rinku Singh and Virat Kohli’s Hilarious Banter Over A Bat Ahead Of KKR vs RCB Clash
By CricShots - Apr 21, 2024 12:36 pm
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Ahead of the much-anticipated clash between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) at the Eden Gardens on April 21, KKR batter Rinku Singh found himself in a comical yet awkward conversation with RCB’s star, Virat Kohli. This match marks the second encounter between the two teams this IPL season, with KKR emerging victorious in their first meeting despite Kohli’s stellar performance.

Rinku Singh
Rinku Singh asked Virat Kohli for another bat

Following their initial encounter, Kohli had gifted Rinku one of his bats as a gesture of appreciation for the young batter’s impressive growth. However, Rinku humorously revealed that he had unfortunately broken the gifted bat.

In a candid exchange captured by KKR’s cameramen, Rinku was seen inspecting two of Kohli’s bats, prompting the RCB captain to inquire if he was already seeking a replacement for the broken bat. Kohli jokingly remarked that gifting two bats in two matches might land him in trouble later in the tournament.

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KKR shared a video of the amusing interaction on their official Twitter handle, captioned “Virat bhai ne ek bat diya thha… jo bat diya thha, woh mere se toot gaya” (“Virat had given me a bat… the bat he gave, unfortunately broke”). The conversation unfolded as follows:

Rinku Singh: I broke the bat you gave me against a spinner.

Virat Kohli: My bat?

Rinku Singh: Yes.

Virat Kohli: You broke it against a spinner? Where did you break it from?

Rinku Singh: From the middle.

Virat Kohli: What should I do then?

Rinku Singh: I was just informing you.

Virat Kohli: No problem. Good that you told me. But I don’t need information.


While Rinku jokingly hinted at wanting a replacement bat, Kohli playfully declined, highlighting the amusing dynamics between the players off the field. The banter exemplifies the friendly yet competitive spirit that defines IPL rivalries, adding an element of entertainment for fans eagerly awaiting the showdown between KKR and RCB.


As the two teams gear up to face each other once again, both sides will be aiming for a crucial victory to bolster their standings in the IPL points table. While KKR currently holds a higher position, RCB will be eager to turn the tables and secure a much-needed win to climb up the rankings.

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With both teams boasting talented rosters and star players, the upcoming clash promises to be an exciting spectacle for cricket enthusiasts. As fans eagerly anticipate the action-packed encounter, the banter between Rinku and Kohli serves as a delightful prelude to what is expected to be a thrilling showdown at the Eden Garden