Rohit Sharma Opens Up About World Cup Disappointment And The Unwavering Support Of Fans
By CricShots - Dec 13, 2023 2:36 pm
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In a touching video message released today, Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma opens up about the emotional rollercoaster he and the team experienced during the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023. He reflects on the challenges they faced, the outpouring of support from fans, and the unwavering dream of lifting the World Cup.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma took time to digest the World Cup final loss

Despite the team’s disappointment in falling short of their ultimate goal, Rohit emphasizes the profound connection they shared with the Indian fans. He describes the immense support they received throughout the tournament, from packed stadiums to messages from fans around the world.

“After the final, it was very hard to get back and start moving on, which is why I decided that I need to get my mind out of this. But then, wherever I was, I realized that people were coming up to me and they were appreciating everyone’s effort, and how well we played. I feel for all of them. They all, along with us, were dreaming of lifting that World Cup, along with us,” Rohit Sharma said.

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He further expressed his gratitude for the unwavering love and understanding shown by the fans, which helped him and the team heal from the disappointment.

“Everywhere we went during this entire campaign, there was so much support from everyone who came to the stadium firstly and people who were watching it from home as well. I want to appreciate what the people have done for us, in that one and half month period. But again, if I think more and more about that I feel quite disappointed that we were not able to go all the way,” Rohit Sharma added.


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This message highlights the deep emotional bond between the Indian cricket team and its fans. It serves as a reminder of the shared journey of hopes, dreams, and ultimately, acceptance, even when faced with defeat. Reflecting on his own journey as a cricketer, Rohit acknowledges the years of dedication and hard work that went into reaching the pinnacle of the sport. He speaks of the immense responsibility he felt as captain, leading a team carrying the hopes of millions.

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“I’ve always grown up watching the 50-over World Cup. To me, that was the ultimate prize, the 50-over World Cup. We’ve worked all these years, for that World Cup. And it is disappointing, right? If you don’t get through it, don’t get what you want, what you’ve been looking for all this while, what you were dreaming of. You get disappointed. You get frustrated as well at times,” Rohit Sharma shared.

Despite the disappointment, Rohit’s message concludes on a note of hope and determination. He acknowledges the need to learn from their mistakes and come back stronger for future challenges. His unwavering dedication to the sport and his commitment to achieving the ultimate goal serve as an inspiration to young players and fans alike.