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Rohit Sharma Playfully Trolls Kuldeep Yadav Over Batting Claims
By CricShots - May 30, 2024 3:06 pm
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Rohit Sharma, known for his charismatic and humorous demeanour, showcased his playful side during a special event in New York. He presented Kuldeep Yadav with the ICC ODI Team of the Year cap, creating a memorable moment with his witty banter. This presentation occurred amidst a promotional shoot for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma trolls Kuldeep Yadav

While some Indian cricketers are already in the USA gearing up for the major event, others are expected to join them shortly. Rohit Sharma has long been celebrated not just for his cricketing prowess but also for his ability to keep fans entertained with his sharp one-liners and humorous exchanges.

His interactions during press conferences often leave audiences in splits. This particular instance was no different as he managed to leave an impression with his comedic timing. Addressing the gathering, Rohit began the presentation with a mix of pride and humour.

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“It’s my great pleasure to present this wonderful cap to a wonderful athlete who has been a real asset for Team India, ICC ODI Team of the Year, Kuldeep,” he announced. Kuldeep, slightly bashful, responded with a simple, “Thank you, Rohit bhai.” Noticing Kuldeep’s reserved reaction, Rohit nudged him further, asking if he had anything to say. The wrist spinner, hesitant yet encouraged by his captain’s insistence, replied, “No, no, all good.”


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Rohit, not one to let go easily, continued to prod, suggesting Kuldeep give a short speech. Under the friendly pressure, Kuldeep managed to say, “I mean, nothing much to say. I mean I had a great season last year, both with the bat and ball.” Rohit, feigning surprise, interjected with, “Bat?” This playful interrogation continued with Rohit humorously questioning, “When?” as Kuldeep, clearly taken aback, stammered, “I mean, uh. I mean, uh.” Rohit seized the moment to add, “I mean uh, when?”

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Kuldeep, trying to salvage his speech, mentioned, “Test series.” However, Rohit was quick to remind him, “This is ODI.” Trying to justify himself, Kuldeep added, “But I performed with the bat as well, so last year I was really good with the ball during the World Cup as well.” Rohit, maintaining his comedic stance, responded, “I am captain of this team. I have never seen him bat. So, I don’t know what he is talking about.”

This humorous exchange ended with a smiling Kuldeep concluding, “Thank you, Rohit bhai,” sealing the moment as a delightful blend of recognition and camaraderie, showcasing the light-hearted spirit within the Indian cricket team.