Rohit Sharma Shrugs Off Accusations From Inzamam-ul-Haq, Credits Conditions For Reverse Swing
By CricShots - Jun 27, 2024 1:16 pm
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Indian skipper Rohit Sharma brushed aside accusations of ball-tampering made by former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq after India’s win over Australia in the T20 World Cup. Inzamam alleged India had tampered with the ball to generate reverse swing earlier than usual, questioning the legitimacy of Arshdeep Singh’s bowling.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma neglected the accusations`

India had defeated Australia by 24 runs, with Arshdeep’s two wickets in his second spell proving crucial in halting the chase. Inzamam, speaking to a Pakistani news channel, expressed suspicion about the timing of Arshdeep’s reverse swing, suggesting it wouldn’t be possible so early in the innings without prior manipulation of the ball.

However, Inzamam raised eyebrows, claiming Arshdeep’s ability to generate reverse swing in the 15th over suggested the ball had been tampered with beforehand. He questioned the legitimacy of the swing, implying it wouldn’t be possible so early in the innings with a new ball.

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Responding to Inzamam’s comments during a pre-match press conference, Rohit Sharma dismissed the accusations and urged the former batsman to consider the playing conditions. “What should I say now about this?” Rohit remarked. “You are playing in such hot sun, the wicket is so dry, the ball reverses automatically.”


He emphasized that reverse swing was a natural phenomenon under those conditions, not limited to the Indian team.

“It’s happening for all the teams, not only ours,” Rohit Sharma clarified. “All the teams are reverse swinging. Sometimes, it’s important to open your mind.” Rohit highlighted the importance of adapting to the specific conditions, contrasting them with pitches in countries like England or Australia. “The match is not taking place in England or Australia,” he pointed out.

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India’s convincing victory stemmed from their strong showing with both bat and ball. After setting a formidable target of 205 runs, they restricted Australia to 181/7, despite Australia appearing in control at one point. Arshdeep’s crucial double-wicket haul in his second spell proved decisive in quelling Australia’s momentum.