Here are the shocking salaries of IPL Cheerleaders
By CricShots - May 12, 2017 2:16 pm
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In each and every season fo the Indian Premier League (IPL), many young cheerleaders from South Africa and America come to India. They join in the biggest money-spinner of the cricketing world and celebrate one of the biggest cricketing festivals of the nation. Right from the inception of IPL, these cheerleaders have been one of the biggest temptations for the crowd at stadiums.

Needless to say, their job isn’t as easy or charming as it seems. These cheerleaders travel away from their families and work remarkably hard during the T20 tournament. The weather conditions are also very hot during the IPL and this makes their job is even more challenging.


There have always been some controversies concerning cheerleaders and their jobs, in the past. South African cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto employed by Mumbai Indians was thrown out of the tournament for blogging about the improper behavior of cricketers.

Many fans in India believe that cheerleading is a fascinating job and they get paid a lot of money for pleasing the crowd with their dance move and athleticism on sidelines.

Here are the details of the team wise salaries of cheerleaders in IPL 2017. hope all the rumors about there whopping salaries will be shattered.

  1. The Rajasthan Royals pays each Cheerleader $100 per match
  2. Sunrisers Hyderabad pays each Cheerleader $100 per match
  3. Mumbai Indians pays each Cheerleader $100 per match
  4. Delhi Daredevils pays each Cheerleader $100 per match
  5. Kings XI Punjab pays each Cheerleader $100 per match
  6. Royal Challengers Bangalore pays each Cheerleader $140 per match
  7. Kolkata Knights Riders pay each Cheerleader $150 per match
  8. Chennai Super Kings pays each Cheerleader $100 per match