Salman Butt slams at Pakistani fans for creating fake no-ball controversy
By SMCS - Oct 25, 2022 1:57 pm
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Former Pakistan batter Salman Butt has expressed his displeasure over the no-ball controversy that took place in the T20 World Cup 2022 match between India and Pakistan on Sunday, October 23. He opined that while it was a close call, replays showed that Mohammad Nawaz’s high full-toss was over Virat Kohli’s waist at the time of contact as well. Butt also stated that the on-field officials made the right call by signalling a no-ball.

Virat Kohli
The chase master – Virat Kohli

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Butt said: “Either you are stupid, or you are deliberately trying to act like that. When it comes to the no-ball, it was a marginal call. But when you look at the replay, it is clear that the ball was slightly over the waist when it hit the bat. Once it is over the waist, it is eligible to be called a no-ball.”

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Many Pakistani fans and former cricketers targeted the umpires for the no-ball call, saying that they should have gone upstairs to check with the third umpire as well. Butt, however, added that an over-the-waist no-ball can only be checked by the TV umpire if a wicket has fallen on that particular ball as well.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

“The ball went for a six. The on-field officials could have only gone to the third umpire if a wicket had fallen on the ball. There has been a lot of noise on social media. Unfortunately, they are not aware of the cricketing laws. Furthermore, by sparking controversy over these two balls, they are undermining a super effort. It was an outstanding match in which the pendulum swung both ways. India ultimately won the game thanks to Virat Kohli’s brilliance,” Salman Butt concluded.

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The Rohit Sharma-led Indian side started their T20 World Cup 2022 campaign with a win over Pakistan in their opening game. Virat Kohli, who remained unbeaten on 82 off 53 balls, was adjudged the Player of the Match as well.