Sandeep Patil thinks Rohit Sharma Is Better Than Virat Kohli
By CS - Dec 26, 2017 8:00 am
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India beat Si Lanka in the test series under Virat Kolhi and then Kohli was rested for the limited overs format. the captaincy was handed over to Rohit Sharma who was the vice-captain of the team. Rohit Sharma led the team by example and played some memorable innings in the ODI and T20 series and won both the series for the team. Rohit Sharma has been in sublime form this year with the bat in hand and has been scoring scores of runs along with Virat Kohli. Although people were concerned by the absence of Kohli from the ODI setup of things, Rohit Sharma stepped up and did his best and thus earned the appraisal of former Indian coach Sandeep Patil .

Sandeep Patil feels Rohit Sharma is better than Kohli

As far as the Indian team is concerned both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are the most important members of the squad and are more often than not the protagonist of the Indian Cricket Team. However, former Indian coach Sandeep Patil feels that Rohit is better than Kohli and is more skilful and prolific than the Indian skipper. He says that he has no doubt Kolhi is a great batsman in all 3 formats of the game but feels that Rohit Sharma has hit his prime. Rohit recently in the T20 series hit a 35 ball century and also in the ODI series scored his third double hundred.

“Virat Kohli fans might not like it but I have to say Rohit Sharma is currently the better batsman. Virat is definitely a great batsman, no doubt about it. He is India’s best Test batsman but when it comes to limited overs cricket, Rohit is ahead of him,” he revealed while in an interview with ABP news.

Sandeep Patil was also confident that Kohli would score more runs after coming back from the break.He also was fascinated by the incredible work that Rohit Sharma has done in Virat Kohli’s absence as he captain of the Indian Team. “I’m sure Virat’ going to come back from break and score lots of runs in South Africa but when we talk about limited overs cricket this year, Rohit has been unbelievable. People may say he has played more matches against Sri Lanka but so has Virat. Whether he is playing only as a batsman or as captain Rohit has proved he is best at the moment,” Sandeep Patil concluded.