Serbia Bowler Churns Out A Unique Celebration After Taking 3 Wickets In An Over
By CricShots - Jul 23, 2022 3:55 pm
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A bowler from Serbia, Ayo Mene-Ejegi garnered a lot of attention from the cricketing fraternity for his one-of-a-kind way to celebrate taking wickets after the International Cricket Council (ICC) shared a video of the same. The medium pacer churned out a unique celebration and is currently going viral for his antics.

Serbia bowler churned out a unique celebration

Even as the likes of South Africa, England, India, and West Indies battled it out in ODIs on Friday, it was somehow a cricket match between Serbia and Isle of Man that was perhaps afforded the most attention in the online cricketing world. The credit for it can be single-handedly given to one cricketer Ayo Mene-Ejegi and his sensational wicket celebration.

The International Cricket Council shared a clip of the 16th over of Isle of Man’s innings from the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Sub Regional Europe Qualifier Group A game against Serbia on the 13th of July. It featured 31-year-old medium pacer Ayo Mene-Ejegi tearing apart the batting order with great bowling, scalping three wickets in the space of four deliveries.

The first two were searing yorkers that sent the stumps flying, while the third was a pacy length ball that found the bat and looped back into Mene-Ejegi’s hand. There was one thing in common about all three wickets: the celebration. The Serbian international rejoiced in his achievements each time by beginning to kneel on the floor and proceeding to perform a ground flip, before extending his arms and legs and laying flat on the field.

His antics were clearly enjoyed by his teammates who had reasons to celebrate as well given Ayo ended up with a four-wicket haul to restrict the opposition to 165/7. However, it was not enough as Serbia ended up losing by 68-runs. Nevertheless, Ayo Mene-Ejegi has definitely given birth to a unique celebration which will live in the memories of cricket fans for a long time to come.

Here is the video of the celebration from the Serbia bowler:


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