Shaun Pollock believes Hardik Pandya has the ability to become a good all-rounder
By Sandy - Aug 10, 2018 4:21 pm
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Former South African captain Shaun Pollock has recently mentioned that the English cricketer Ben Stokes is one of the best all-rounders while Hardik Pandya has the ability to become a good all-rounder.

Shaun Pollock

The former Protease all-rounder believes that the T20 cricket has made realise the importance of the all-rounders. After mentioning that it is a tough decision to choose the best all-rounder in present cricket, Pollock has picked up the English pace-bowling all-rounder Ben Stokes.

Ben Stokes

Pollock said about the all-rounder in cricket, “T20 cricket has made a lot of people realise that they can have the ability to contribute with both bat and ball. As far as all-rounders around the world are concerned, it’s difficult to pick one, but I can think of Ben Stokes. He is one of the best.”

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At next, Pollock has claimed that Hardik Pandya can be a long-term all-rounder in Indian cricket. Pollock advises that Pandya needs to settle down and give importance in one discipline to get success in international cricket.

Pollock said about the 24-year-old Indian cricketer, “Coming to Indian cricket, Pandya is probably a long-term all-round option. I think Virat Kohli really likes his style and attitude towards the game. Looks like he can get both wickets and runs; of course, time will tell everything.”

Hardik Pandya

“Hardik needs to settle down and choose one of the disciplines (batting or bowling), something that keeps him in the side and look to contribute on the other as it can be very difficult to contribute with both.

“If he settles down and gets a good run, there is no reason why he can’t become a wonderful all-rounder for India.”

Hardik Pandya

The legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has recently raised his voice against ICC’s new decision to use two different balls in two different ends in an ODI innings that affects hugely to get the reverse-swing for the pacers. Pollock, who was one of the best pacers in world cricket at his time, has supported Sachin Tendulkar.

The Protease said, “It does take away the art of reverse swing. It also depends on what surfaces you play. In the subcontinent, the ball gets soft and it gets difficult to hit at the back end of the innings, which suits the bowling side.

“Spectators might enjoy the fact that the balls stay hard so that the batsmen can whack it out of the ground. During our playing days, we had to change the ball after the 34th over because it used to lose it’s colour, particularly on the abrasive subcontinent wickets.”

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Pollock wishes to see only one white ball is getting used in an ODI innings, which will be more helpful for the bowlers, but he is very unsure to see it in future.

Pollock said on that, “If they could come up with a white ball that stayed white that would be ideal. Stick with one and we could see the reverse swing, and the ball getting softer, giving the bowlers more of an option. But unfortunately, we can’t, given the nature of the leather that goes brown. So ideally, I agree, I would like them to have just a ball, but I’m not sure whether it does or doesn’t work.”

South African pacer Dale Steyn has recently decided to quit the limited-overs cricket after the end of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup but has also mentioned continuing the Test cricket for further.

Dale Steyn

Pollock commented on that decision, “Hope Dale goes from strength to strength. He has had injury problems and, in the latter part of your career, you tend to pick more niggles than in your 20s. But, the key that comes from his comment is mentally he is in a space where he wants to continue and just like A.B. de Villiers decided to stop mentally probably because he wanted to stop. Hopefully, his injury problems are behind him.”