Shikhar Dhawan Opens Up About Missing Son Zoravar: A Father’s Heartfelt Journey
By CricShots - Jan 30, 2024 4:23 pm
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In a heartfelt revelation, seasoned Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan opens up about the emotional challenge of being away from his son, Zoravar, following his divorce from Ayesha Mukherjee. Dhawan, who recently led Punjab Kings in the IPL, shared his feelings during a Humans of Bombay podcast, shedding light on his efforts to maintain a connection with his son.

shikhar dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan with his son Zoravar

Expressing the depth of his emotions, Dhawan disclosed that it has been a year since he last saw Zoravar and that he misses him dearly. In a poignant Instagram post on Zoravar’s birthday, Dhawan poured out his feelings, hoping that his son, in this era of technology, might read the heartfelt message one day.

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“I was not in pain. I was just expressing my thoughts. It has been five months since I have spoken to him; I was just expressing emotions. I am an emotional guy, and I was just trying to send love to him because if I will be sad while thinking about him, that negative energy will get him. I never realized that this post will go viral. I just wrote it from my heart,” shared Shikhar Dhawan.


Despite the physical distance, Dhawan continues to send daily messages to his son, acknowledging the uncertainty of whether Zoravar receives or reads them. He maintains a realistic approach, expressing love while avoiding expectations. Dhawan emphasized that, as a father, he has accepted the situation, misses his son, and has learned to live with the circumstances.

“I write messages to him every day; I don’t know whether he is receiving those or not, whether he is reading it or not. I don’t have any expectations. I have accepted it. I am a father, and I am trying to do my duty. I miss him,” Shikhar Dhawan expressed, highlighting the longing for physical closeness with his son.

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He further added, “I feel sad, but I have learned to live with it. When I used to go and meet him, he was allowed to meet only twice, that too only for two to three hours. I want my son to be around me. I want to hug him.”