Sikandar Raza Unveils IPL Preparation Strategy: ‘No Substitute For Game Time’
By CricShots - Feb 12, 2024 2:43 pm
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Zimbabwean all-rounder Sikandar Raza, known for his impactful performances, shared insights into his preparation for the upcoming 17th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Raza, who previously played for Punjab Kings in the 16th edition, is currently participating in the ILT20, representing Dubai Capitals.

skiandar raza
Sikandar Raza

Expressing his approach to IPL preparation, Raza emphasized the significance of playing cricket as the ultimate training method. Currently engaged in the ILT20 and gearing up for the Pakistan Super League (PSL), he stressed the value of game time as the best preparation for the IPL.

“There is no better preparation than playing cricket. So, ILT20, of course, is a high-standard league. I am going to play PSL from here. I am looking forward to that PSL. So, you know, my preparation leading to the IPL will be playing ILT20 and the PSL. I mean, you cannot substitute game time. I think that is the best preparation one can have before the IPL,” said Sikandar Raza.

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Highlighting the unique aspects of the IPL, Raza commended the tournament for bringing together all the top players and generating immense support from the crowd. He acknowledged the unparalleled enthusiasm of fans in IPL matches, emphasizing the distinctive atmosphere created by the passionate audience.

Sikandar Raza
Sikandar Raza

“I just think that the availability of all the players for one tournament makes IPL really special. In most of the matches we play, the crowd comes and support their teams. That’s something that is different in the IPL. The only league when it comes to the crowd that comes close to the IPL is the PSL. So, I think IPL definitely stands out with a couple of factors, yes,” Sikandar Raza added.

Expressing his admiration for the IPL, Sikandar Raza unequivocally labeled it as the best franchise league tournament in world cricket. While refraining from comparisons, he asserted that the IPL surpassed other leagues, including the PSL, and deemed it the most significant cricket carnival globally.

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“IPL is by far the best league when it comes to the PSL also. Like it is much better than the PSL. That is what I’m trying to say, I am not a fan of comparisons. But yes, it is. I think the IPL is the biggest league on the planet,” Sikandar Raza concluded.