Sky Sports Releases Promo Featuring Virat Kohli Ahead Of Test Series Opener
By Aditya Pratap - Aug 3, 2021 11:01 pm
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The much-awaited Test series between England and India is finally about to start. The stage has been set and the wait is about to over as both teams will rumble against each other from Wednesday to come out as the winner in the next five Test matches. Virat Kohli is eager to bury England’s poor record by winning the series.

virat kohli
Virat Kohli was disappointed after the loss in the Adelaide Test

The hype has reached sky-high despite the ongoing Tokyo Olympics 2020. England’s official broadcaster Sky Sports isn’t far behind either. They recently shared a promo video featuring Indian skipper Virat Kohli ahead of the series opener in Nottingham.

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In the video, Kohli is talking about the importance of Test cricket and his love and passion for the game. He can listen admitting he is not a person to shy away when their back is against the wall while Sky Sports mentioned him as ‘the player at the pinnacle’.

Watch the video here;

This is Kohli’s third Test tour of England. The first one came in 2014 which resulted in a horrible series for him. He ended up with 139 runs in five Test matches with James Anderson dismissing him multiple times in the series.

However, the Indian skipper returned in 2018 and had his redemption instantly. He scored 593 runs in five Tests without conceding his wicket to Anderson even once. Despite Kohli’s heroic performance with the bat, India failed to win the series.

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Things have changed from the last time as India have back-to-back Test series in Australia and have been playing well away from home. England will pose challenging conditions for batsmen but this Indian team is known for grinding hard when the going gets tough.

Kohli and his troops will try to give their everything to win their first Test series on English soil since 2007.