Andrew Strauss Hints Of IPL Window For English Players
By CricShots - Sep 22, 2017 1:46 pm
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Ben Stokes during IPL 2017

ECB director and former England skipper Andrew Strauss has given hints that they looking a stronger participation of English players in Indian Premier League (IPL).

Earlier, England was not much in favor of the IPL but gradually softened their approach. In fact, several England players skipped the series against Ireland to participate in the IPL this year. Talking about the same to Sky Sports, Strauss said, “They are already missing the odd international game. I suppose what we’ve got to think about are our high priorities – what are the ones that we want our best XI on the park and also our best XI in a really good frame of mind, both mentally and physically to perform.”

He further added, “And what are the series where we can have a look at it and say ‘this might be a series where we can rest one or two and bring one or two new faces into the environment, so they get a taste of what it’s like’, so it’s not a surprise if and when they are playing in a more important, or a higher profile series down the road’.”

backing the English players for IPL, Strauss said, “The schedules allow our players to play most of the tournament. We’re always looking at workloads and how best to manage our players but I think we also have to accept that for us as an international team to fight the IPL is probably not a smart move going forward. So we’ve got to accept it’s there, gets maximum benefit out of it and realize that actually – as well as helping players’ bank balances, it really does help their development as cricketers as well.”

Strauss concluded by saying that IPL will definitely help English players as well, he said, “If the IPL isn’t looking at our players and saying ‘these guys are going to add value’ that’s probably an indication of where we actually sit. If they are saying our players can add value, that’s a good place for us to be.”