T Dilip Reveals He Took Help Of Baseball Expert For India’s Fielding Drills
By CricShots - Jun 15, 2024 3:33 pm
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While India has secured a smooth passage to the T20 World Cup Super 8s stage with a perfect record in the group stage so far, their practice session before the Canada clash hit a snag. A less-than-ideal outfield at Cantiague Park in New York forced them to cancel their fielding drills.

Team India
Team India

However, the setback didn’t stop India’s pursuit of improvement. In a surprising move, Team India turned to baseball experts in New York for fielding tips. While some might argue cricket and baseball are distinct sports, India’s fielding coach, T Dilip, saw an opportunity to learn from a different perspective.

T Dilip, who has previous experience collaborating with baseball coaches, believes there are valuable takeaways applicable to cricket fielding. “There are a lot of similarities between baseball and cricket fielding,” he said, according to The Times of India. “[This session] too was helpful and I’ll try to incorporate some of the techniques.”

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He elaborated on one specific concept: “If you see in football, there’s something called a dummy run… In cricket too, it is important that fielders grow this sense of anticipation.” T Dilip suggests that studying techniques from other sports can enhance a player’s overall awareness and anticipation on the field.

T Dilip
T Dilip

India’s fielding has seen a remarkable improvement in recent years, with bowlers like Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah showcasing a renewed commitment to fielding excellence. Dilip attributes this progress to the dedication of the bowlers themselves.

“The bowlers come in for fielding drills after bowling long spells in the nets,” he said, highlighting their work ethic. “This has happened because the bowlers themselves have taken it on themselves to become better fielders.”

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The improved fielding combined with a wider pool of capable fielders gives Captain Rohit Sharma more tactical flexibility. As T Dilip explains, “It lends a lot of flexibility to the captain… This has happened because the bowlers themselves have taken it on themselves to become better fielders.”

With the Super 8s stage looming, India seems determined to keep refining their game on all fronts. Their willingness to explore unconventional methods like seeking guidance from baseball coaches is a testament to their commitment to continuous improvement.