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Tabraiz Shamsi’s Fun Celebration Sparks Ugly Trolling On Social Media
By CricShots - Dec 27, 2023 5:18 pm
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In the fiery cauldron of South Africa’s T20I series against India, Suryakumar Yadav’s elegant innings met its premature end thanks to Tabraiz Shamsi’s crafty spin. But the wicket celebration that followed, Shamsi’s signature “Shoe-phone” act, unexpectedly ignited a storm of online abuse, leaving the South African spinner both bemused and frustrated.

Tabraiz Shamsi
Tabraiz Shamsi is known for his shoe celebration

“People took it in a negative way; they thought it was disrespectful,” Tabraiz Shamsi revealed to Cricbuzz, his voice carrying the weight of the unwarranted onslaught. “I had so much abuse hurled at me. It was probably the worst it’s ever been. There was also abuse hurled at my wife.”

The vitriol spewed online went beyond mere disappointment. Shamsi found himself and his family targeted by hateful trolls, pushing the boundaries of acceptable fan behavior. In response, he took to X with a strong-worded clarification, hoping to quell the negativity.

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“It’s just a fun celebration which a lot of kids enjoy and means no disrespect towards the batter,” he wrote, frustration simmering beneath the surface. “I’ve mentioned that countless times before. All you guys hurling abuse are just giving other genuine cricket-loving fans from your country a bad name.”

Yet, even this plea for understanding backfired. Instead of quelling the trolls, it seemed to encourage them. Tabraiz Shamsi, disheartened but determined, used his platform once more, this time urging fellow cricketers to join him in a stand against cyberbullying.

“I feel that if players don’t say anything about it, then people think they have free license,” he declared, highlighting the need for collective action. “More people need to speak up and say it’s not OK. Yes, we’re all trying our best. Yes, your team might not win or you might not agree with certain things. But you need to behave like a human being. You can’t carry on like an animal.”

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Shamsi’s experience transcends being a personal ordeal. It raises uncomfortable questions about the toxicity that can fester in online fan communities, and the responsibility of players to speak out against it. His call for united action rings loud, urging the cricketing world to reclaim the online space from the hateful trolls and foster a culture of respect and fair play.