Things that the cricket loving girls tired of hearing
By CricShots - Apr 28, 2017 2:45 pm
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According to the normal human phenomenon cricket and girls are never considered to be connected together, especially in India. We have often seen that most of the women watch cricket because of the good looking cricketers but there are some rare girls who are die-hard fans of cricket.

It’s a rare thing that some women are true lovers of cricket and they do have their own choices of favorite shots like off drive, cover drive, sweep shot etc. There have been many jokes were made about how girls are dumb and annoyed with cricket. But the reality lies in the fact that it’s not all girls who detest the sport. There are a plethora of girls who enjoy the massive sixes and energetic crowd in the stands. But life so unfair with the girls who love cricket! Here are some things the which cricket loving girls are tired of hearing.

1. Crush on Virat Kohli

There is a bunch of girls in the crowd who watch cricket only because of Kohli’s dashing personality. But a true cricket loving girl only cares about the way he plays his shots and dominate the oppositions. These girls like to talk about his batting strike rate, his number of centuries and sometimes about his Off-drive as well.

2. Irritating Taunts

Most of the boys have at least once asked a girl that, “Do you even know what an off-side and an on-side is?”. Things take a surprising turn when a girl replies to that with a detailed answer. It’s just indigestible for a boy that girls know the technicalities of cricket.

3.Girls Don’t Watch Cricket

It’s a complete myth that any game in the world is made only for boys. Almost every cricket loving girl has at least once been suggested that cricket is not for them. Although the truth is that girls are passionate about the game but that doesn’t mean that they need to be a guy to love or play the sport. Even in the current era, the women cricketers are earning a lot of popularity then why do people have this question in mind “You are a girl and you love cricket?”

4. Waste of time

The cricket fan girls receive some gibes and responses from their girl-friends that spending so much money on match tickets is a waste, but they the same time spending money on concert tickets, fashion shows is worth. For cricket fans, the game is the only source of entertainment and there is also an emotion attached to the game. They don’t mind spending some bucks to watch the game.

5. Love for Test cricket

In the modern era of cricket, it’s difficult to believe that a guy or a girl loves Test matches are more than the T20 cricket. In fact, a real cricket fan knows the fact that Test cricket is the real cricket and they enjoy the beauty of it. But then a girl end up watching it alone as her cricket group can’t put up the logic of sticking to the match for every ball by ball that too for 5 long days.