Tom Moody Proposes Innovative Solution To Tackle Slow Over-Rates in Cricket
By CricShots - Jul 27, 2023 6:56 pm
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Former Australian cricketer and coach, Tom Moody, has proposed an innovative solution to address the issue of slow over-rates in Test cricket. Currently, the International Cricket Council (ICC) penalizes teams for slow-over rates by deducting match fees or World Test Championship (WTC) points. However, Moody’s suggestion aims to ensure that the allocated 90 overs in a day are bowled, regardless of how long it takes, by penalizing the fielding side’s time.

Tom Moody
Tom Moody

Tom Moody’s proposal is simple yet effective – he suggests expecting 30 overs to be bowled in each session, and if a team fails to achieve this, time should be deducted from the Lunch and Tea breaks. This way, teams would be compelled to maintain a steady over-rate to avoid losing precious time during intervals. He elaborated on his idea, stating, “Overs unfinished can be completed in the 30-minute window at the close of play. Total extra time created 60 minutes.”

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The ICC has already made some changes to address slow over-rates in Test cricket. In June 2023, the governing body announced a new rule that deducts 5% of a player’s match fee for each over-bowled after the allotted time, with a maximum penalty of 50%.

Previously, players were fined 100% of their match money for such violations, as seen during the ICC WTC Final 2023 between Australia and India. Moreover, the ICC has increased the number of overs allowed before the new ball is taken. Now, if a team is bowled out before the new ball is due (after 80 overs), no over-rate penalty will be charged to the bowling team.

This change incentivizes teams to push for wickets without worrying about over-rate penalties in certain scenarios. Tom Moody’s suggestion adds another dimension to the ongoing discussions about improving over-rates in Test cricket.

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While the ICC is already considering on-field penalties for the next WTC cycle, Moody’s proposal presents a unique approach that could help streamline the game and ensure more consistent play throughout the day. It remains to be seen whether the ICC incorporates Moody’s idea into the new amendments for Test cricket.