IPL 2018
Umesh Yadav credited Ashish Nehra for his bowling improvement
By Sandy - Jun 9, 2018 2:50 am
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Indian pacer Umesh Yadav was in very good form in the recently concluded IPL 2018. The right-arm pacer was very consistent with the new balls and he credited his IPL team RCB’s (Royal Challengers Bangalore) bowling coach Ashish Nehra.

Umesh Yadav

Yadav was the fourth most wicket-taker in IPL 2018 who picked up a total of 20 wickets in 14 games with 20.90 averages. While the 30-year-old pacer achieved huge success in this IPL season, he credited former Indian left-handed pacer Nehra’s knowledge.

Yadav said on that, “We all know the depth of Ashish Nehra’s (RCB bowling coach) knowledge when it comes to fast bowling. During this year’s IPL, I was able to spend quality time with Ashish paaji. He has given me a lot of technical suggestions during the course of the tournament. Even during IPL, I would pick his brains about the red ball season ahead.”

The Indian pacer further added that Nehra has increased his accuracy and consistency through the ‘single wicket bowling’ method.

Ashish Nehra

Yadav described, “Ashish paaji told me that during the spare time after IPL, I should do single stump bowling to increase my accuracy and consistency. I was told to practise ‘single wicket bowling’ with both SG Test and Dukes keeping in mind the season ahead. His (Nehra) tip is to put one off-stump and maintain the channel.

“Since outswinger is my stock delivery, I am trying to land it as close as possible to the off-stump. Nehra tells me that the length that any pacer has to hit with the new ball is same for all kind of tracks (India or foreign). The key to consistency is uncluttered mind. The moment you try too many things, you can mess up. The single stump means that I am only bowling one channel.”

Yadav also spoke out that how he trapped Yuvraj Singh in this IPL season.

The 30-year-old pacer said, “Normally when I bowl to the left-handers, I used to straightaway come round the wicket. An element of predictability was creeping into my bowling, where the left-handers were expecting incoming deliveries. That’s why I came over the wicket to Yuvi paaji and bowled a couple of outgoing deliveries. I was really happy that I could generate that kind of pace.”

Though RCB failed to qualify for the playoffs rounds in this IPL season, Yadav is happy with his performance as he mentioned it was one of his best IPL seasons.

He said on that, “Any performer is happy when he successfully executes his plans. I am really happy with my performance in the IPL. It was unfortunate that we could not make it to the play-offs but it was one of my best IPL seasons. Virat had one clear instruction for me. Go for the kill. He told me ‘get me the wickets and do not bother about getting hit’. I did as my skipper told me.”

At present, there is a big option for the Indian cricket team management to choose the pace bowling line-up in playing XI.

Speaking on that competition, Yadav told, “We are five pacers — Bhuvi, Bumrah, Shami, Ishant and myself. So it’s a happy headache for the team management — the coach and the captain to pick the best amongst us. I am personally in a very good head space after IPL. My job is to be ready and captain and the head coach have their job.

“We are a close-knit group and even when Bhuvi or Jassi do well, I am proud of their achievements. My job is to be battle ready for the season ahead and I am doing just that.”