Unruly Lankan crowd throws bottles; Disrupts India vs Sri Lanka
By SMCS - Aug 28, 2017 11:28 am
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Dhoni-Rohit in the 3rd ODI

While India was on the verge of winning the third ODI international, the Lankan crowd intervened to disrupt the game. But still, the visitors clinched an easy six-wicket victory over the Lankans.

It was something that happened for the first time in Sri Lanka. Never before have ever been a play intervened in the island country due to spectator trouble. But yesterday certain parts of the crowd went mad as India inched closer to the series and showed their anger by throwing bottles on the ground.

The hullabaloo started in the 44th over when at first bottles came rushing in followed by footwears from the crowd. The game was disrupted for nearly 32 minutes as the umpire and players waited inside the circle as the police intervened to stop the crowd.

Although announcements went out on the PA systems that unruly spectators would be dealt with severely, the behavior continued, and the players and the umpires eventually walked off shaking hands. Thanks to the riot task that were able to clear the ground of the outrage and the play resumed. India then had just 8 runs left in achieving yet another win and did that in 7 deliveries.

The players didn’t speak much about the match. When asked about this, the Man of the Match, Jasprit Bumrah commented:

“Obviously, it’s unfortunate. We were just happy that the game was carried on and the situation was taken care of. It was good that the authorities took care of everything and the game went on.”

Well, the fans and supporters were already angry with their team’s whitewash in test and also such a display of their skills. Even in the first ODI after a nine wicket victory by Indians, the Lankan crowd showed an outrage by shouting slogans and protesting in front of Sri Lanka team bus leading police to intervene in the matter.

We will have to look forward about the security concerns in the upcoming two ODI matches and the lone T20I.