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Venkatesh Prasad Takes A Dig At Aakash Chopra Over His Deleted Tweet
By CricShots - Feb 22, 2023 11:01 am
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Former Indian pacer, Venkatesh Prasad came hard at Aakash Chopra, saying the former opener had conveniently misquoted him over KL Rahul debate in his YouTube show on Tuesday. Prasad came up with a strongly-worded tweet, slamming Chopra for accusing the pacer of having a personal agenda against under-fire Rahul.

Venkatesh Prasad
Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra engaged in a Twitter banter

Venkatesh Prasad has been criticizing the selection of KL Rahul owing to his dipping form in Test cricket. Prasad lashed out at Rahul and even alleged ‘favoritism’ in Team, adding that Rahul doesn’t deserve a place in the Indian Test XI. In a series of tweets, Prasad even said Mayank Agarwal and Shikhar Dhawan did not get long ropes like Rahul despite under performing at the opener’s spot for India in the past.

Aakash Chopra had responded to Prasad’s tweet, suggesting the ill-timing of the tweets from the latter as they came in the middle of the match. Chopra went a step ahead and alleged that Prasad conveniently showcased numbers of Mayank, Dhawan, and Shubman Gill that would suit his argument about KL Rahul.

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In a video titled ‘How Bad is KL Rahul’s Test form?’, Chopra dissected the numbers that Prasad shared on Twitter and argued against them and backed Rahul. Calling the video ‘vile’, Prasad took to Twitter and tore into Chopra. 

In a Twitter thread, Venkatesh Prasad wrote: “So my friend Aakash Chopra after making a vile video on YouTube this morning where he calls me an agenda peddle, conveniently and cleverly misquotes me, removes Mayank’s average of 70 at home, wants to gag views which are not in line with what he believes but wanted Rohit out. I have no agenda against any player, maybe there are others who have.”

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He further added, “Difference of opinion is fine but calling contrary views as apna personal agenda and Twitter par mat laayein is funny for @cricketaakash, considering he has made a great career by airing his views. I have nothing against KL or any other player, my voice has been against unfair selection and different yardsticks for performers. Be it Sarfaraz or Kuldeep, have voiced based on merit. But it was disappointing to see Aakash calling it personal agenda.”

Sharing a screenshot of a Twitter post from Aakash Chopra’s criticism of Rohit Sharma in 2014, Prasad tweeted: “This is what Aakash had aired when Rohit was 24 with 4 yrs in international cross. He can use sarcasm for Rohit at 24, and I cannot point out underperforming Rahul at 31 with 8 years in International cricket. Yeh bhi sahi hail (this is also right?).”

Venkatesh Prasad also said he doesn’t believe that a player shouldn’t be criticized during a match. He said, “And the argument that we should not criticise a player in an ongoing match personally doesn’t make sense to me. That doesn’t affect the players performance. Most players don’t read views even after the match and no player can read in between match as phones are deposited.”

He further added, “I admire Aakash for the hardwork he puts on his YouTube channel but calling a different view point as agenda because it doesn’t suit his narrative is poor. There is no bitterness between us and since his video was in public domain wanted to put my point out here.”

Aakash Chopra responded by inviting Prasad on a video chat to settle the debate once and for all. Moments later, Prasad responded by shutting down the proposal. He wrote: “No Aakash, nothing is lost in translation. In your 12-minute video, you have called me an agenda peddler because it didn’t suit your narrative. And I have made my points very clear in this Twitter thread. Don’t wish to engage with you further on this”.