‘Virat has taken that record away from me’: Pakistan batter Khurram Manzoor
By SMCS - Jan 28, 2023 3:15 pm
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A few days back, a veteran Pakistan batter Khurram Manzoor remarked on the List A stat regarding him and former India captain Virat Kohli. While he was only trying to make his case clear after repeated rejection for a place in the Pakistan squad over the years, his statement went viral all over social media. The veteran has now cleared the air about his statement, which read that “Kohli has now taken the record away from him”.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli scored another fifty

Speaking to Nadir Ali on his YouTube channel, Khurram Manzoor stated himself as the No.1 List A batter in the world, saying that Kohli stands below him as well. He further shared that Kohli’s conversion rate in the format is less than his as well. With the statement, he also clarified that he had no intention of comparing himself with Kohli, but rather wanted to share his achievements in domestic cricket as well.

“I am not comparing myself with Virat Kohli. Fact is, in 50-overs cricket, whoever are there in the top-10, I am the world no.1. After me stands Kohli. My conversion rate in List A cricket is better than him. He scores a century every six innings. I score century every 5.68 innings. And based on my average of 53, over the last 10 years, I am ranked fifth in the world in List A cricket. I also have scored 24 centuries in the last 48 innings. Between 2015 and now, whoever has opened for Pakistan, I still remain the leading scorer among them. I am also the top scorer and century getter in national T20. Yet I get ignored. And nobody has ever given me a solid reason for that,” Khurram Manzoor, who has played in 26 international matches for Pakistan, said.

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In response to the criticism on social media, Khurram has issued a clarification claiming that he only highlighted a stat and had no intention of comparing himself with Virat Kohli, whom he referred to as a “generational player”.

“Its funny how some media outlets and individuals have taken my interview out of context and twisted my words. Virat Kohli is a generational player and I have always admired him as the best. I talked about this stat in List A Cricket about having best innings per hundred ratio where I am topping the chart and Kohli is on second. There is no comparison between me and him, he has played more games and that too mostly on international level,” Khurram Manzoor tweeted.